Dashwood Studio

Dashwood Studio

Dashwood Studio - designed in the UK - enjoyed around the world!


Dashwood Studio specialises in producing beautiful design-led fabric collections for today's quilt and home sewing communities. 

Since Dashwood's launch in 2013 they have attracted a number of diverse and talented British fabric designers. Being passionate about design Dashwood Studio's design director, David Sweet, ensures each collection is distinctive yet can be colour coordinated with their base collections. Teh basic collections are currently, Flurry and Twist.

The fabrics are 100% cotton and 110cm wide. All the same weight so the different designs can be easily combined.

We supply as standard 10m bolts and with 5m bolts available on request.



You can call us or email us if you want to pre-reserve: +34 93 317 53 88 or b2b@nunoya.com


EPOP1325     EPOP1326​    EPOP1327



DASH-FLOK-1301_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   DASH-FLOK-1302_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   DASH-FLOK-1303_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   DASH-FLOK-1304_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI

DASH-FLOK-1305_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   DASH-FLOK-1306_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   DASH-FLOK-1307_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   DASH-FLOK-1308_flock_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI



1272_AutumnRain_girl1   1273_AutumnRain_owlflowers-2   1274_AutumnRain_dogcloud-2   1275_AutumnRain_mustardOwl

1276_AutumnRain_Flower   1277_AutumnRain_clouds   1278_AutumnRain_lines   1279_AutumnRain_dotflower



MORI-1149-J-mori_dashwood_studio_nunoya_jersey_PI   ALTI-1212-J-altitud_dashwood_studio_nunoya_jersey_PI   CAND-1160-J__candy_dashwood_studio_nunoya_jersey_PI   CAND-1162-BJ_candy_dashwood_studio_nunoya_jersey_PI



JARD-1264_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   JARD-1265_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   JARD-1266_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   JARD-1267_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI

JARD-1268_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   JARD-1269_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   JARD-1270_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI   JARD-1271_jardin_anglais_dashwood_studio_nunoya_PI



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New Flurry 2000 Snow by Sarah knight for Dashwood Studio - Cotton

Product no.: DASH-SNOW_FLURRY2000

In stock

New Reindeers by Dashwood Studio - Cotton - 10m

Product no.: DASH-PARTY1527

1 - 48 of 269 results