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Back in stock from December the 11th !

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Geisha - black - 6m

Product no.: 1750-10A
In stock

Asanoha - light purple

Product no.: SY-88222-2-2-lightpurple
In stock

Tsuruhana-black - 6m bolt

Product no.: 1600-62A

Seikaiha - Red on beige

Product no.: SY-88220-1-1
In stock

Seikaiha - blue on beige

Product no.: SY-88220-1-2

Asanoha -  blue on beige

In stock

Shinmatsubotan - 6m

Product no.: 1750-55D

Shinmatsubotan in black - 6m

Product no.: 1750-55C

Seikaiha - black - cotton

Product no.: SY-88222-3-12-black
In stock

Seikaiha - navy blue

Product no.: SY-88222-3-5-navyblue
In stock

Momiji - Rustic feel - indigo

Product no.: SY-88223-2

Cotton printed sheeting - 100% cotton; width : 108cm; weight : 182g/m2

In stock

Asayake - Black - 6m

Product no.: 1750-15A_black

Shinmatsubotan in light green - 6m

Product no.: 1750-55B

Shinmatsubotan in light green 

Samehada Komon - black - Cotton

Product no.: SY-88220-8-5
In stock

Shibori - red

Product no.: SY-88220-6-1
In stock

Geisha - dark red - 6m

Product no.: 1750-10B

Tonbo to take - light beige - Coton

Product no.: SY-88218-3-1
In stock

Tonbo to take - pink - Coton

Product no.: SY-88218-3-2
In stock

Tsuru to hana - Green - 6 m

Product no.: 1750-21C

Kogane Fuji - Dark green - 6m bolt

Product no.: 1750-43D_darkg

Tonbo - Aqua

Product no.: SY-88222-7-2-aqua

Tonbo - Aqua 

In stock

Tonbo - pink

Product no.: SY-88222-7-11-pink

Tonbo - Pink

In stock

Tonbo - light purple

Product no.: SY-88222-7-3-lightpurple

Tonbo - Light purple

In stock

Tonbo & Fletchings - dark blue - Cotton

Product no.: SY-88227-3-4
In stock

Tsuru to hana - Red

Product no.: 1750-21D

Tsuru to hana  - Red : 6m bolt