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Tonbo & Fletchings - petroleum blue - Cotton

Product no.: SY-88227-3-3
In stock

Nami moyou - white

Product no.: SY-88333-2-1
In stock

Nami moyou - indigo colour - 6m

Product no.: SY-88333-2-4
In stock

Seikaiha - Red on beige

Product no.: SY-88220-1-1
In stock

Kasuri - Rustic feel - indigo

Product no.: SY-88223-21
In stock

Take - Rustic feel - Cotton indigo

Product no.: SY-88223-3
In stock

Tateshizuku - Rustic feel - indigo

Product no.: SY-88223-22
In stock

Strokes and lines - Sangokuzushi - Rustic feel - Indigo

Product no.: SY-88223-20_indigo
In stock

Hishi moyou - turquoise

Product no.: SY-88333-1-2
In stock

Tonbo - blue

Product no.: SY-88222-7-12-blue

Tonbo - Blue

In stock

Tonbo - Aqua

Product no.: SY-88222-7-2-aqua

Tonbo - Aqua 

In stock